FastBDS Development Tools is the future of banking technologies.

FastBDS riches of modules jQuery programming, such as event-driven programming model, Bootstrap 4.5.0, HTML and CSS. Most of complicated program modules such as user input interface, event handling, input mask validation, database manipulation, communication modules, document printing, main menus, etc are provided in this tools. Besides easy to manipulate HTML elements, Rest/API and objects exposed by other applications.

Create Transaction Screen is very easy. All you need to do is drag html tag such as Input Element and drop the element into the screen, then embed FastBDS Business Object like Mask Object to format & filter data entered on the Input Element, and UDT (User Defined Table) Object to provide suggestion data list by viewing dropdown menu when focusing or typing match character.

FastBDS has unique product definition capability and rich of business objects, which ensure that the banks or financial institutions are able to create and launch new products instantly. This gives them a significant competitive edge over its competitors, which is a vital need in today’s business environment.

These tools enable us to help the banks develop their web teller application with more than 80% of time saving. It embraces all the transaction requirements prevailing in the market and more. Clicking on the screen menu can simply create all types of transaction for the branch and no tedious programming and coding are necessary.

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