System Architecture

All transaction sets of a Branch Delivery System (BDS) are created using business object-oriented application development tool. High-level MS-Visual Basic 6.0 programming language has been used to create what-you-see-is-what-you-get on-screen development tools.

All software components are fully integrated in the branch system. Different transactions of the branch share data and resources seamlessly, and application functions can be customized to user’s precise requirements.

Competitive Advantages

offers many competitive advantages, such as:

     A true multi-tasking, multi-user system

branch server employs the standard Windows 2008 Advance Server operating systems, which is currently the most widely used multi-tasking, multi-user systems. The processing tasks of system are evenly distributed throughout the network, maximizing the use of system resources for on-line transaction processing without high processing overhead.

     Proven banking application software

application tools are the most robust and feature-rich suites of branch development software available.

     Support for wide area networking and local interfaces

supports popular networking solutions, including Ethernet and Token Ring. The system employs TCP/IP as its LAN operating system, ensuring connectivity with a wide range of systems and devices.

     Superior software development tools

Development Tools is a business object-oriented application generation toolset utilizing scripting language and object preview. This facilitates software customization and gets your system up and running quickly.

Open Hub and Spoke Architecture

application software is built on open “hub and spoke” standards architecture. It ensures fast and easy connection between different networks and back-end host systems. Its client/server architecture allows flexible branch configurations that can meet your present and future needs. The objectives of the design approach with Web Browser Object Technology are to minimize development time, cost and reduce vendor dependency for distribution software requirement.

Inherent in the concept of "hub & spoke” system architecture are tangible benefits as well as some risks. The benefits include the availability of competitively priced products and the customer's ability to source from many different vendors. The risks are in trying to obtain a clear picture of what the future will bring – of making an investment decision in a technology today that may not be supported by tomorrow's standards.

offers unique solutions to minimize the risks. On the one hand, it meets the requirements for a functionally solid and competitively priced branch automation system. On the other, it frees customers to pursue their choice of technological strategy without being constrained by the rigid architecture of the branch system.

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