Summary Key
Fast Development

consists of development tools, which have embedded most programming and coding techniques, pre-developed by our software experts. These tools enable us to help the banks develop their branch system with more than 80% of time saving. It embraces all the transaction requirements prevailing in the market and more. Clicking on the screen menu can simply create all types of transaction for the branch and no tedious programming and coding are necessary.

On the Banks’ side, no highly skilled IT personnel are required, which can save them lots of IT staffs costs – both in the short and long terms. It also relieves the banks on their problems in sourcing for scarcely available skilled IT personnel. Once system is installed, we can easily train the banks’ IT staffs, whether they are experience or not, to make use of our tools to create majority of the new transactions independently of our involvement. This gives the banks one of the biggest advantages for minimum involvement of vendor after installation.

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