About the "Engine"

The engine behind is Windows-based Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM), which provides a solid platform for developing full-featured Branch Delivery System. DCOM includes sets of Transactions builders, Speed Menu, Sub Menu, Status Bar, Journal Format, Message Format, Printer Format, Total Format and FTP Table. It also consists of all the necessary fields required for parameters setting to create all types of branch transactions. Fields included are Browser Field, Masked Field, Total Field, UDT Field, Misc. Field, Journal Field, Message Field and Printer Field. All of the above are set in the familiar Microsoft menu system enabling any IT personnel to configure and setup transaction types easily.

The application package is constructed using business object mapping concept operated in Microsoft Windows’ graphical interface, file server and other advanced operating environments that allow multiple applications to be integrated into one seamless system.

We can use the DCOM data definition menu, which contains Business Object definition (BO) and Transaction Builder (TB), to construct business model, logic and process. Both BO and TB are integrated components in the system that possessed both business logic and validation.

Parameters are used to set up transaction type and other specific tasks, such as the maximum data allowed to enter and how the data be displayed, required for the system, Internal validation based on the account structure design such as branch code, currency allowed, product type, and so on can also be performed.

The above is just a simple illustration on the power of engine. More details are described later.

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