Distributed Processing

takes advantage of distributed processing capability by allowing applications to be accessed from any workstation, regardless of where in the system the application is actually running.

The distributed processing system is based on MS Windows operating system. The system is optimized for real-time transaction processing between the branch and host computer systems over telephone line.

Distributed network processing is a method of managing information in which all network of computers share the same database. Processing tasks are distributed through the network called client/server processing.

The client/server architecture employs network servers to support functions, such as database management, host communications, and system security, common to all network users. Client workstations support the end users' applications, and communicate with the servers (and other clients) over the Local Area Network. The client/server approach affords great flexibility, allowing the system to be configured to specific user application requirements.

Off-Line Processing

, in its basic design, supports continuous operation even in the event of failure or unavailability of the host computer. Records continue to be updated at the branch level. When the host becomes available, transactions are sent to the host to update host records. User can specify different authority levels for on-line and off-line processing and restrict processing of specific transactions to on-line only.

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