Communication Server Manager

The Communication Server Manager is located in the HQ or regional office to provide branch connection information, messages routing, host interfacing, third party channeling, and future functionality.


Workstation uses standard Personal computer running on Microsoft Windows Operating System. Standard PC allows the branch workstations to be used for a wide range of other personal computing tasks. Transactions are processed locally by each workstation.


system is designed to run online in real-time between the branch and the back-end host systems. Central records are updated in the host while processing occurs in the branch. Hence, each branch can have access to the host for the most up-to-date information when it is on-line. In the event the host fails or line of communication is unavailable, system can also process transaction off-line to ensure continuous customer service.

Web-based Server Manager

Network Operating System

Microsoft Windows has built in the standard TCP/IP communication protocol to provide a high degree of connectivity with other networks and devices. utilizes this TCP/IP as its networking operating system.

Host Communication

Communication between branch server and the host is also using TCP/IP communication protocol. However, if the host uses non-standard protocols and applications, is also capable of interfacing with it, and can communicate with multiple host systems concurrently

Communication Protocol

Examples of communication protocols supported byinclude: