It's a wise long-term investment for Service companies of all sizes. It addresses the three areas of particular concern to Service companies seeking a cost-effective, networked computing environment:

  • Increased reliability and scalability

  • Reduced Costs through improved end-to-end management capabilities

  • Comprehensive web-based applications and Internet support


builds on the strengths of Windows Operating System technologies, integrating standards-based directory, web, application, communications, file and print services with high reliability, efficient management, and support for the latest advances in networking hardware to provide the best foundation for integrating your businesses.

Theadvantage begins with a flexible system architecture, sophisticated software design and comprehensive built-in transaction functions gained through many years of practical industrial experiences. It offers unique and compelling advantages over competing offerings currently available in the market.

Open System Design

  • Standard Interfaces allow Future System Growth - incorporates industry standard interfaces throughout the system, allowing a flexible range of configurations which ensure that the system can grow to accommodate future demands.

  • Use Economical Standard Pentium Personal Computer - Branch servers and workstations can operate on Windows NT, Windows 2000/2003/2007/2010 or Windows 98/XP using low cost personal computer, which are scalable to suit the precise need of the service companies. This gives them the freedom of operating or interfacing third-party applications using the same computer system.

  • Use Industry Standard Communication Protocols -can interface and communicate with wide range of host computers and host application software, including full-featured TCP/IP and other standard and non-standard customized protocols. The screen below shows connection between branch and host can be easily accomplished by entering the necessary information into fields, similar to that setting up of Internet connection.

  • Use Small Size Message Format Tables for Communication - Message Format Tables are used to communicate with any host. The Tables’formats can be set by parameters, making it very easy to change from one scenario to another. The combination is unlimited.

  • Can Operate either On-line or Off-Line -is designed ideally for on-line system, which allows processing of transactions and communication with the host in real time. This ensures that central records are kept up-to-date and operators in every branch can have access to the latest customers information instantly. However, it can also be operated in off-line mode when online is temporarily not available. All transaction information are stored in the branch server when off-line. Due to its “Store and Forward” design, it can automatically update all transaction with the host when on-line is available again.

Graphical Interface

Sinceis using standard Microsoft Windows graphical user interface (GUI), it provides an environment that makes it easy for operators to learn and use the system. It also enhances information display through usage of on-screen color, icons, and graphics. Branch Workstation's screen has the look and feel of the popular commercial browsers and user can use it in the same way.

Fully online payment system for the service industries

  • The existing problems facing current payment application are:

  • Long and slow development and deployment process

  • Very difficult or expensive to set up for connecting geographical dispersed branches to the HQ host

  • Unable to create own new products or services - depends too much on the service of vendor who may be too busy in other projects

  • Don’t have parameters for user-defined cross-currencies set up

  • Cannot create new products or services instantly as re-coding and re-programming of existing system are required

  • Difficult to modify, update and add new services

  • Difficult to connect to existing back-end host system or multi-host systems

  • Too expensive to install and maintain if too many branches are involved

  • No remote troubleshooting capability from the vendor to save precious times for business

  • No possibility to upgrade unless purchase expansive new systems

  • Required to hire expensive highly skilled

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