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The Company primary focus is to provide the financial industry with leading-edge automation solutions. Our expert team has been serving the financial institutions for more than two decades and had gained in-depth knowledge about banking technology. The Company’s objectives are to meet the complex needs of the banking and financial industries worldwide as well as to provide excellence customer services and stay competitive through effective use of the information technology. The Company has demonstrated the ability to deliver competitive products that reflect the latest technological developments and market trends, particularly in the areas of web-based standards and advanced system architectures and communication technology. The Company applies its technological expertise to delivering effective solutions that address users' real needs.

Our Mission

The Company’s mission is to meet the needs of the worldwide banking and financial industries in achieving excellence customer services and staying competitive through effective use of web and information technology, which requires minimum time frame in development, installation and distribution.


Our corporate strategy is to ensure our customers get their best investment return for the best technologies that can last for a long time. Because our software design approach is different and therefore we can accomplish these objectives by “technology transfer” of our software to our client so that they can continue their application development even if we are not available. We believe not many software vendors can undertake this commitment, but this is our standard offer to our valuable customers. More details on “technology transfer” will be given during negotiation with our clients

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