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Branch Operations

The Branch application package developed by F@ST™BDS simplifies branch operations, enhances accuracy, and reduces paperwork. The package is easy to use, with most transactions automated in formats familiar to tellers. Simple system menus utilizing limited keystrokes enhance speed and accuracy. Tellers can also float between workstations in the branch to carry out their authorized functions. Supervisor has override control to set limit for individual teller cash and functions. This application also handles hundreds of transaction types and offers complete cash control, balancing procedures, and audit accuracy and security.

F@ST™BDS  enhances branch operations through superior system functionality and user-friendliness that improve the efficiency of personnel customer service. Important features include:

Universal or Function-Specific Teller Windows

The branch can preset the authorization level of each Teller to perform certain functions, although application processing is distributed universally throughout the system. The authorization level is set by configuring the variable parameters such as teller’s ID number, workstation, function, location etc. For example, branch managers can set the drive-up teller window terminals to be dedicated only to cash withdrawal and deposit functions; where else the money order and special services terminal window are limited only to receiving cash and issuing of receipt only.

Floating Teller

The application package allows tellers to move from one workstation to another without requiring any disk or equipment transfers to maintain accurate journal totals and to carry out any authorized functions. All journal totals, as well as access authorizations, are maintained in the branch server.

On-Line or Off-Line Processing

F@ST™BDS system remains fully functional during host system downtime. The full ranges of branch transactions are available off-line, except those transactions that required host interaction.

Transaction data for both on- and off-line transactions is recorded in the electronic journal of the branch server. Transactions can also be specified as permitted or not-permitted for off-line processing.

Apart from off-line processing capabilities, the branch application also has full off-line printing capabilities unless the information required are from the host. Data obtained from the branch server such as Teller totals can be generated independently of host operating status.

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