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About the "Engine"

F@ST™BDS provides a wide range of sophisticated and integrated web branch solutions to the banking industries using new technologies for today's and the Future of Banking Technologies. The state-of-the-art tools has embedded Middleware with Microservice Architecture, so it allows banks to make any systems such as : Web Teller System, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Queueing System, Interactive Teller, APIs to Utility Payments, APIs to E-Commerce, APIs to Card Center, Open Banking APIs and able to create and launch new products instantly.

The advantage begins with a flexible system architecture, sophisticated software design and comprehensive built-in transaction functions gained through many years of practical industrial experiences. It offers unique and compelling advantages over competing offerings currently available in the market.

F@ST™BDS breaks away from traditional old-fashioned programming standard with microservices, containerization and orchestration − The “F@ST™BDS Engines”

The engine behind F@ST™BDS is utilizing the latest technology adoptions by using microservices, containerization and service orchestration, which provides a solid platform for developing full-featured Branch Delivery System. Development Tools provide sets of Transactions builders, Shortcut Menu, Host Data Template, Input Validator, Journal Formatting, Message Format, Printer Format, Total Format, Import Data Utilities, and many more. It also consists of all the necessary fields required for parameters setting to create all types of branch transactions. All of the above are set in the familiar web menu system enabling any IT personnel to configure and setup transaction types easily.

The application package is constructed using business object mapping concept and using other advanced operating environments that allow multiple applications to be integrated into one seamless system.

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