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Branch Administration

The system provides a secure branch processing environment with comprehensive access controls. The system also features a user-friendly suite of administrative and control functions. These utilities allow authorized branch personnel the ability to keep the system current due to day-to-day changes. Giving authorized branch personnel this capability enables user to maximize branch efficiency on a daily basis.


The system includes many security features that control system access and protect the precious data. Security information can be updated as personnel and job-duties change. The system uses the same security format across all operators and applications, providing effective security and ensuring that access is controlled according to the user’s requirements. It can also be customized to support customer identification and data encryption features. The flexibility of F@ST™BDS allows system security to be tailored to the security requirements of the user and host system.

The security features include:


Each operator on the system has an Operator Profile record in the branch server. The Operator Profile identifies an individual to the system by specifying the operator's name, user ID, authority level, supervisor, and cash limits. This profile record is referenced every time the system requires an authorization check on an operator action. Operator Profile records can be easily maintained by authorized branch personnel.

Supervisor Authority

Supervisor authorities are also defined in the Operator Profile. Supervisor levels and types can be tailored to the operational requirements of the institution. Supervisor authority can be hierarchically arranged, allowing for automatic escalation of requests should the first supervisor be unable to respond.

Log-On and Log-Off

Operators must log-on to the system using a password and identification code in order to access the system functions. The system compares the log-on data with information stored in the Operator Profile; unauthorized users are denied access to the system. The log- on procedures can also be customized to include information read from a magnetic stripe card.

Operators move between workstations can simply log-off their current workstation and log-on to another. The system recognizes the operator as working at the new location and allows the operator access to the same data and applications. To prevent conflicting or unauthorized operations, the system allows an individual to log-on to only one workstation at a time.

Authority Checks

The system can be tailored to perform authority checks at any security level before beginning the application, to allow opening of any specific screen or menu, or to end a task. This technique allows the implementation of many specific authority checks.

Customer Identification and Data Encryption

The system can be customized to provide support for customer identification and data encryption features, including:

PIN Verification and Data Encryption

The system can be customized to support the DES PIN verification technique. Customers enter Personal Identification Number (PIN) into the system by using PIN Pad. PIN offsets are entered via magnetic stripe cards. The system can also be tailored to accept offsets returned from the host.

DES verification is implemented by software, with verification occurring in the branch. The system can also be tailored to encrypt data for protection when data is written to disk or transmitted to the host.

On-Screen Signature Display

Effective branch system integration gives every operator easy access to the tools and information needed to serve customers efficiently. On-screen signature display provides a quick and easy method to verify customer signatures without the need to leave the station and the customer to manually search for the signature card file.

F@ST™BDS  workstations support high-resolution bit-mapped SVGA displays that can clearly display graphic images such as digitized signatures. It can fully support signature-capturing systems to store customers’ signature into the branch server. Once received in the branch, the signatures can be displayed on any workstation. Signature verification will be displayed in a pop-up screen upon operator’s system request.

Signature verification can also be carried out in other branches that have linked to the center host and are on-line. This allows excellence customers service for the bank.

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