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F@ST™BDS - Web Teller Application Just Got New Project in Indonesia

We would like to announce that we have been officially appointed last year 2020 by the largest bank in Indonesia to install Next-Gen F@ST™BDS - Web Teller Application. Our client is one of the most aggressive bank emphasizing on serving their customers better through employment of advance technology. We have been chosen based on our technologically superior system - in terms of:

  1. Rapid development and implementation time - Tools are being used to develop the application and almost no programming is needed
  2. Easier and faster connection to the backend existing host
  3. The application is using microservices technologies and due to the small file size structure, all updates or additions can be done in the head office, without interrupting the bank’s operation or shutting down the whole system.
  4. Future upgrade is very simple (and not solely dependent on us), which means the technology is up-to-date. In fact, many upgrades modules in the future can be plug-in without modifying the existing system
  5. The ease of system development will enable the bank to create new produtcs instanly.

Next-Gen Branch Delivery System - Web Teller Application

If you’ve been waiting for a branch application system that is fast, easy and low-cost in development, implementation and deployment, can connect all your branches with your back-end host computer efficiently and in-expensively, you don’t have to wait any longer!. Let us introduce our technologically advanced software called F@ST™BDS. It is catered to medium and large banks like yours who have big numbers of branches across the vast archipelago.

F@ST™BDS is one of the fastest development software that can satisfy your complex banking needs – in terms of comprehensive functions, time and cost saving and customers satisfactions!. It supports full set of branch transactions and much more – such as signature verification system, multi-currencies transaction, online and off-line transaction, etc. It is upgradeable and scalable and it is so easy to use that your bank does not require to hiring expensive highly skilled IT personnel to look after the system. In fact, we even let your bank programs your own banking products and services using our software tools – you have full control of your banking business!

We welcome Global Partnership: In order to expand our business worldwide, we welcome interested business corporations for collaboration. Please send your enquiries to

F@ST™BDS’s Credentials

Our credentials as a vendor of information technology solutions to the banking industry and as a partner for client banks in Indonesia are centred around: Successes in the past, present strength and commitment to the future.

The successes achieved during 25 years as a provider of information technology solutions to banks in Indonesia have been due to basically 4 things: An open mind, innovative ideas, good general purpose technology and co-operation with leading visionary banks.

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