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People & Skill

The F@ST™BDS Banking Team encompasses banking consultants, systems engineers, marketing & sales, project managers, all dedicated to serving the banking market.

The consolidated experience and expertise of this team from analyzing banking business problems, designing technology solutions, customizing systems, planning and implementing solutions in projects on co-operation with banks worldwide through a period of more than 25 years combine to maybe the most significant value that banking clients can acquire anywhere in the world;

It all adds up to people, skills and experience. 

The numbers speak for themselves. The quality is more difficult to measure in numbers. However, our ongoing quality assurance program monitoring our performance in relationships with our banking clients tells us year after year that the quality of our people is the single most appreciated item in the entire range of products and services to the banking market

Our Current Strengths represent
  • The accumulated expertise and experience about the banking business and the way information technology can be customized and implemented to create added value and competitive edge for each banking customer

  • A few portfolio of banking customers and installed systems

  • A comprehensive banking offer for all aspects of retail banking delivery systems

Our commitment to the future includes
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