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Web Teller Application

F@ST™BDS - (Branch Delivery System) is an advanced web teller applicatiojn and branch system. It automates all aspects of system development using state-of-the-art tools, which can cut down development and implementation time, and hence cost, by more than 80%. Transaction processing, cash control, signature verification, pin-pad transaction, cross currency and clients host online/offline transaction using TCP/IP protocol with high security protection are standard features. Processing control is tailored to your requirements and enforced automatically, ensuring that your institution’s procedures and guidelines are strictly adhered to. Lastly, and more importantly, we help the banks to cut costs.

F@ST™BDS application can seamlessly interfaced with your host installed by any third party as long as they have Online Transaction Processing. The system provides complete processing support regardless of whether the host is on-line or off-line, ensuring uninterrupted excellence customer service. Information can be posted to the host as processing occurs, or batched, according to your central processing requirements. Of course, tellers have immediate access to host data, allowing them to response to customer requests promptly for better customer’s satisfactions.

F@ST™BDS application provides the ideal solution to banks of medium and large sizes, with branches spreading across geographically dispersed complex network. As a truly open and integrated system, it allows workstations to run both teller and platform applications. You can expand traditional teller duties to include sales functions, or give access to selected teller transactions from the platform. Virtually any aspect of the system can be easily customized with our state-of-the-art tools within very short period of time to your specifications so you can shape your retail branches to meet your market and operational goals. We address almost all of the current shortfalls of existing BDS systems in the market.

Meeting Customer Needs

We have designed F@ST™BDS using Microservice Architecture for today's and the Future of Banking Technologies. In every endeavor, the objective is the same, complete customer satisfaction by meeting all customer requirements. The company’s customer base includes medium and largest banks and financial institution. Our scalable systems meet the full range of banking requirements.

F@ST™BDS  application can be easily customized to the unique needs of individual customers. It provides a comprehensive set of application customization and maintenance tools to allow authorized personnel to make changes for certain functions at the branch level. As part of a dedicated and experienced technology group, we offer our customers a large field of solutions that come from a global view of information technology. Our technology embraces platforms by the industry leaders such as Intel and Microsoft.

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