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One of the things that really set F@ST™BDS apart from most of the competition is the approach we take to our customers and their requirements for information technology. It is what we call our partnership approach.

No matter the bank and financial institution are looking for a specialized banking requirement, or a fully integrated branch delivery system, or a turn-key fully automated branch network, or for the redesign of workflow procedures, Our team’s approach will always be first to understand the context and the nature of the business problem. Having thoroughly understood the vital issue we then proceed to specify the functional requirements for the information technology solution, and then we are in a position to design the solution which solves the problem. The partnership approach will serve both F@ST™BDS and our banking customers well.

The main benefit for our banking clients derived from this approach are, that the customer deals with a partner who thoroughly understands the business context in which the IT system is working. This sets F@ST™BDS in a position to install and implement the solution and to support it throughout its’ lifecycle in a way that serves the bank’s business, not just its’ IT system. And it sets F@ST™BDS in a position to suggest new ways to solve the bank’s problems as technology evolves and enables us to provide even better IT solutions to business problems.

This is real protection of investment and it is evident that this approach works. It has earned F@ST™BDS the position as long term partner with our banking clients. Partnerships which have lasted through several generations of IT systems. Partnerships which go far beyond information technology.

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