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Focus Investments

F@ST™BDS Technology pays great attention to our clients’ needs. A major part of our investments is dedicated to the migration of the systems installed by our clients, with particular interests for banks in Indonesia. This base of banking clients and systems represent a major strength, and a major commitment to the future. This is a strength and a commitment from which also all new banking clients will benefit, because the expertise and experience accumulated through projects for all these banks are embedded in our banking offerings, and in the people who makes the systems work.

Due to our philosophy for efficient software design and ours believe that highly skilled engineers are expensive for our clients, our software requires the minimum highly skilled and paid engineers for application development and implementation. Our cost saving is as high as 60% as compared with other vendors, but without compromising our standard to fulfill the clients’ requirements - in fact we are even surpassing it. With this kind of cost-saving, we can survive any kind of market ups and downs to ensure that our clients are being served and we are the last one to leave the industry.

Your organization has the most efficient support provided by one of the most dedicated software application solution provider whose primary focus is to provide you with leading-edge application automation solutions!

We have a team of experts who have been serving the financial institutions for more than a decade and have gained in-depth knowledge about banking operation and web-based technology. Backed by our technical and industrial expertise, we are able to solve some of the most complex problems faced by the banking and financial industries in the past decades worldwide.

In order to achieve excellence customer services and stay competitive through effective use of the information technology, our company has consistently demonstrated the ability to deliver competitive products that reflect the latest technological developments and market trends, particularly in the areas of web-based standards and system architectures. We apply our technological expertise to delivering effective solutions that address users' real needs. Our comprehensive development programs ensure that our products and our customers stay ahead of the market.

…and this is only the beginning!

Investments in R&D dedicated to further evolution of   F@ST™BDS’s Banking Systems & Solutions: 2001 - 2022
Our Current Strengths
  • The accumulated expertise and experience about the banking business and the way information technology can be customized and implemented to create added value and competitive edge for each banking customer

  • A few portfolio of banking customers and installed systems

  • A comprehensive banking offer for all aspects of retail banking delivery systems

Our commitment to the future
  • The focused investments  F@ST™BDS makes in R&D, migration planning, training etc. both in terms of dedicated resources and in terms of commitment of funds

  • The consistent activities to further enhance   F@ST™BDS’s partnerships with each banking client as well as with the banking industry

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