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Data Tables Management

Managing Information

Managing branch data is one of the most critical tasks of a branch automation system. F@ST™BDS provides an integrated environment to share bank and product data among applications. All transaction data is securely stored in the branch database, and can be made available through  F@ST™BDS flexible reporting capabilities.

Application Data Tables

F@ST™BDS  makes extensive use of software data tables. These data tables can use Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL Server to store information about your institution, the people who are authorized to use the system, as well as information about your products and services. Structuring the system to store information in tables offers numerous significant advantages:

  • First, it facilitates adding individual transactions into the application. The names, rates, and other characteristics of transactions and products are set up in Data Tables, without requiring customization of the application.

  • Second, it provides a standard and secured way to access this information. Data Tables are shared by applications, making information universally available. The F@ST™BDS  security system ensures that only authorized users can modify or use data stored in Data Tables.

  • Third, it greatly facilitates data maintenance. Values are stored in an Application Data Table and can be easily updated by authorized personnel. The information need be updated in only one place, and the change is immediately made available to the application using that Data Tables.

Application Data Tables are extremely flexible and can be used in a number of ways. F@ST™BDS employs Data Tables for the following usages:

  • Product definition

  • Product information look-ups

  • Processing control

  • Database Management

Product Definition

The ability to add new products to the system using the Data Tables is a powerful feature of the system. All information pertaining to each product including its name, rate, associated fees, documents to print upon completion, etc. is stored in Data Tables.

A new product type can be created simply by adding entries to the appropriate Data Tables, indicating such product characteristics as its name, type, rate, and particular documents to print. The power to quickly add and modify products can give your institution an important competitive edge in being able to respond to opportunities presented by the market.

Product Information Look-Ups

F@ST™BDS uses the information stored in Data Tables to pre-fill bank and product fields during data collection. This saves time during the customer session and reduces data input errors. Typical field pre-fills include product rates and fees, branch name and address, etc.

Processing Control

Application Data Tables are also used by the system to verify accuracies and authorities while processing. One of the uses is to maintain the Operator Profile information. The Operator Profile contains an explicit list of the authorities granted to an individual user. The system will automatically verify that the user has the proper authorities before performing a transaction or system function.

Data Management

F@ST™BDS applications are designed to store bank and product data as well as customer transaction records in a database. It offers flexible support for storing and managing branch data. F@ST™BDS  application supports ODBC compliance database such as MongoDB, MySQL Database and Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Sybase, etc. The system will also accommodate the use of other databases, such as third-party relational database applications.

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