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F@ST™BDS From Indonesia - Building The Future of Banking Technologies


The wait is over, at last and now for the first time, we announce the arrival of Next-Gen Web Teller Application F@ST™BDS, specially developed for the banking industries and financial institutions.

Now, more than ever, banks need to quickly and economically develop, implement and easily distribute their application software to all branches. They must also be able to efficiently communicate with all these branches, which may be located in remote locations of vast countries like Indonesia, China, India and United States etc., even if the telecommunication line is in poor condition. Saving time in application development by employing new technology is of the essence for the banks to stay competitive and grow. To save time and cost for the customers in software development, deployment, modification, addition and distribution for branch system, we have spent more than three years in research and development to develop Next-Gen Web Teller Application - Branch Delivery System (BDS) called “F@ST™BDS” − a major breakthrough in BDS application software. Our specialists who developed this system have more than 25 years of combined banking application development and implementation experiences.

F@ST™BDS has all the right solutions for you!

Just take a look of what F@ST™BDS can help your organization in achieving these objectives and cost-savings:

  1. Fast Development and Deployment Time
  2. Fast Modification of Functionalities
  3. Fast Updating and Addition of Functions
  4. Fast Distribution of Updates and Additions
  5. Fast Host Access For Daily Transaction
  6. Fast Connection to ANY Back-end Host
  7. Fast Remote Troubleshooting Capability
  8. Fast User-Defined Cross Currency Parameter Setup
  9. Operator and Technical Staffs Training Program
  10. Future Upgrade and Expansion Possibility
  11. Big Cost Saving

F@ST™BDS is a wise long-term investment for Banks of all sizes. It addresses the three areas of particular concern to Banks seeking a cost-effective, networked computing environment: 1. Increased reliability and scalability; 2. Reduced Costs through improved end-to-end management capabilities; 3. Comprehensive web applications and Internet support

F@ST™BDS breaks away from traditional old-fashioned programming standard with microservices, containerization and orchestration − The “F@ST™BDS Engines”

The engine behind F@ST™BDS is utilizing the latest technology adoptions by using microservices, containerization and service orchestration, which provides a solid platform for developing full-featured Branch Delivery System. Development Tools provide sets of Transactions builders, Shortcut Menu, Host Data Template, Input Validator, Journal Formatting, Message Format, Printer Format, Total Format, Import Data Utilities, and many more. It also consists of all the necessary fields required for parameters setting to create all types of branch transactions. All of the above are set in the familiar web menu system enabling any IT personnel to configure and setup transaction types easily.

The application package is constructed using business object mapping concept and using other advanced operating environments that allow multiple applications to be integrated into one seamless system.

Key Consideration - Unique Features

F@ST™BDS provides a wide range of sophisticated and integrated web branch solutions to the banking and financial institutions using new technologies. The state-of-the-art tools for building an application is very fast, the process of creating page, transaction, service is done within minutes. It also equipped with deployment system for instant update of changes.

The technology frameworks is based on V8 Runtime that powers NodeJS and Javascript we are using. It also uses ExpressJS as a primary middleware routers and incorporates other popular JS frameworks (NPM), Bootstrap, jQuery.

The software is a Single-Page Application (SPA), a web application or website that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current web page with new data from the web server, instead of the default method of a web browser loading entire new pages.The goal is faster transitions that make the website feel more like a native application.

F@ST™BDS has unique product definition capability and rich of parameters, which ensure that the banks or financial institutions are able to create and launch new products instantly. This gives them a significant competitive edge over its competitors, which is a vital need in today’s business environment.

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